Butler & Wilson Jewellery And Costume Jewellery Trends

Accessorizing with costume jewellery continues to be hugely popular and this is unlikely to change in the next year or so. The age of jewellery minimalism is unlikely to be back anytime soon- the bolder the better. The recessionary times we live in means that some sparkle from bold accessories is particularly welcome.

Gold is always popular but with the current financial climate, many are turning to new gold electroplated brands. Such processes permanently bond gold over other metals like sterling silver or stainless steel. The pieces look like real gold without the cost. Kenneth Jay Lane produces some superb gold-plated and crystal jewellery that looks a million dollars without the price tag!
Also popular are metal necklaces with geometric designs like circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles. Many of these will be layered with other geometric patterns or with chains, pearls, and beads. Lengths will vary but many of them will be long, reaching up to 60″ so that they can be twisted or wrapped easily. Look for brands such as CC Skye, Butler and Wilson and Kenneth Jay Lane for your statement pieces.

Classic pearls, whether real (if you can afford it) or faux (more like it!) are also making a big splash. Whether they are worn in long loops or wrapped into a choker around the neck, pearls remain a favourite when accessorizing. Chunky statement pieces or recreations of iconic favourites like the necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany”s (recently reproduced by Kenneth Jay Lane), whatever your choice, it will be bang on trend.
Cuffs and bangles are the must-have jewellery items of the year. Big bold cuffs will be the piece around which the rest of the jewelry wardrobe will be built, whether in plain metals, animal styles or heavily enameled and crystal bejeweled. For a lighter look, opt for bangles instead, mixing colors and styles together to make a personal statement. Turquoise, Coral, Black and White continue to be favourite colours but who says you should stick to them? Experiment and have fun doing so!

Hoop and stud earrings remain popular as well as chandeliers and dangles. They may be big or small but one thing is certain – earrings will represent their wearer”s personal style. Butler and Wilson hold a huge range in some very quirky and colour styles.

Vintage pieces are definitely in, but then so are trendy, modern styles. The market has a wide range to choose from “” from classic lines by Kenneth Jay Lane and Butler and Wilson to more kitschy pieces by Disney Couture, there is plenty to tempt the fashionista. Or you may prefer something more ageless like Dogeared or something edgier like CC Skye. Whatever your taste, there is a style of fashion jewellery for you! Or you are not interested in brands, just the design and there are many jewellery outlets on the web that can cater to your particular taste.

For wearers and lovers of fashion, jewellery is the perfect buy “” it brightens an outfit and adds interest to your day and lifestyle. There is something for everyone in today”s fashion and costume jewellery market and it”s almost anything goes. You are only limited by your fashion courage so go shopping and enjoy!