Difference between Reproduction Oil Paintings and Prints

If you have an idea to decorate walls of your home or office with the paintings like an art prints or reproduction oil paintings; you must have to know, what the difference between both of them is. Both terms have a great place in the art world, but they are extremely different from each other. It is very important to know the difference between them, while purchasing an art.

An art print is the indistinguishable copy of the original artwork, which is produced by the process of photomechanical.-Giclee- that is the word which is used to explain the techniques of reproducing art with the printing process. The print is as similar as the original painting. It is just like photocopying of an original painting, but different from the original one. Prints are created by an artist in limited editions and are also signed by their own. Prints are well-liked by the collectors wish to earn more profits.

However, these very creative forms of Oil Paintings are hand-made recreations of the original art works created by someone other than the original artists. A talented artist inspects the original painting and then paints the close reproduction. Those reproductions are created by oil paints on canvas to make similar to originals. These oil paintings are easily available and affordable. So, they are also liked by the art lovers. Art reproduction, known as a replica, oil paintings are the copies of well-known paintings that are made by the professional artists.

When you are probing for print or reproduction oil paintings, you will find that both the terms are interchanged with each other. Like an art print may be taken as a reproduction also because it is a copy of the original one. However, a reproduction might not always call a -print-. Prints and reproduction oil paintings both are the form of art, which attracts art lovers. Prints are the copies of the actual painting, but the paintings are the real paintings. They are only not painted by the original artist. If you do not have huge investment, but you want the actual paintings, you should prefer reproduction oil paintings. It provides you both, real art and low investment. If one wishes to invest in these incredible paintings forms for profit or interested in collection and is not capable to buy the original paintings, then prints will be the best alternative for that art lover and they would love to have the best creativity with them.