Holiday In Sunny Beach,bulgaria – Self Catering Apartments Vs Hotels

The summer is here, it is time to rest, time to relax and unwind as everyone loves. But where to go? Where to stay? Questions that every time we ask ourselves and try to pick up and choose the best solution for us.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe – Bulgaria – it is a piece of land with a stunning resort located in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera, in the Gulf in the form of a crescent overlooking the east, bounded on the north by the beautiful mountain slopes and tangent to the Peninsula Located on the south – full of mysteries ancient town of Nessebar.
Sunny Beach – a combination of everything that we want for our unforgettable and pleasant holiday – golden fine sand beaches, mountain recreation, incredible choice of entertainment and a variety of sea sports, good infrastructure, a huge variety of restaurants where you can eat as traditional Bulgarian cuisine and international, of course we can not highlight and nightlife that can make you feel any different dimension and forget about everything that you made you lose will to live!

And throughout this little pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Sunny Beach provides us with the possibility of a large selection of three, four and five star hotels and private self catering apartments. And here the question arises: Where to stay – in a hotel or a private apartment? In recent years, more and more guests at the resort are considering the option of renting their own private apartments, but why? If you take this decision and have to spend your holiday in an apartment alone will answer this question.

We can not deny that a holiday in an apartment gives us the real opportunity to feel like home, that is 2 in 1 … on one hand you are on vacation on the other you feel at home, but is there anything better than this? Hmm, hardly! Just think about this, 7 days to spend in a small hotel room and there is no chance to prepare something to eat when you want or even to invite friends because it is not allowed … or you will be continually monitored by the reception of who is visiting you … if you think about it, all the amenities that you could get in a hotel, you can have them and in a self catering private apartment and on a much better price! You get: A cozy spacious holiday apartment / not a small room that you suppressed / with kitchen facilities and a pleasant interior design, TV, WiFi conection, pool bar and barbecue, playgrounds for kids, swimming pool for adults and kids, parking etc …. From everything for less and at a price you can afford! Price, which will get quality and recreation, a price that will give you the chance to spend unforgettable days in the Bulgarian coastal pearl – Sunny Beach! Self catering apartments in Sunny Beach for every budget, from a studion apartments,one bedrooms and 2 bedrooms.