Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas

Do you have the amazing pleasure of owning your very own inground pool but do not know how to landscape around it? This is an issue that many homeowners will deal with. Here I will give you some simple yet universally effective pool landscaping ideas that are relatively easy to implement. This way you can make your backyard pool twice as impressive as it already is, turning it into the perfect spot for summer parties or just relaxing at home.

As our first pool landscaping idea, it is important to decorate the area around the pool with a variety of plants and vegetation. The landscape of the surrounding environment will determine the entire mood of your backyard. Also, do not forget to include vibrant colors around the entire area. The reason for this is that the blue hue of your pool water will accentuate any color it hits; thus, giving your backyard that serene and surreal feeling of relaxation and joy. Make sure to add plenty of flower-bearing plants. This way, you get to add color to your landscape, while at the same time giving your pool a natural feel. In addition, try to stay away from plants that drop leaves or petals as cleaning them every so often can be quite annoying. Go for potted colorful plants, such as zinnia and crotons, that hold on to their petals and leaves for a very long time. Moreover, do not hesitate to add rocks or stones of different shades and shapes in between your flowers. If you wish to cover up the dirt around your pool area, then I suggest that you use mulch. Mulch will help your soil retain its moisture and avoid weed growth. Also, it is natural and adds grandeur to your overall pool setup. If you want, you may even go for a mountainous terrain appeal. Just stack huge boulders together, add a water pump to simulate a small waterfall, and there you have it: your own personal royal rainforest.

Another pool landscaping idea is to make your backyard pool more inviting by changing up your outdoor furniture and decor. You can add more elegance and mystery to your pool by placing elements that have stories to tell. You can do this by adding in backyard statues, rustic lounge chairs, and even small fountains. This will help your pool become a really warm and guest-friendly hang-out place. You may also add a canopy over your pool area. This will ensure that you can hold backyard barbecues no matter the weather. It also gives you the liberty to rest and relax in your pool garden without worrying about the harsh elements of nature.

With some simple pool landscaping, it is quite easy to transform your pool into not just a place for recreation, but a wonderful spot to relax. It is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a creative imagination and a desire to turn your backyard into something special. Follow these tips and you will have your own natural paradise in no time.