Anino Games Feeding The Minds Of Game Development Students

The latest interactive gaming experience is created by a world-class game developer in the Philippines, Anino Games. The company creates products with eye-catching graphics and high-quality flash animation that raise interest among some die-hard teen players.

Aside from having a wide range of products to choose from, Anino offers fun stuffs that are educational, entertaining, and stimulating. From action, adventure, puzzle, simulation, sports, and strategic categories, Anino Games produces entertainment at its best, in partnership with a top-quality school for ICT education, CIIT.

Dare to Go Interactive

Though there are a lot of products available on the Internet today, students from CIIT cant still get enough of what Anino Games has to offer. It continues to develop fantastic recreational tools that are creative, innovative, and unique. Among these interactive creations include Puzzle Pets, Picnic Wars, Grave Mania: Undead Fever, Delicious-Emily’s Childhood Memories, Gold Rush 2, DinerTown Pets, Message Critters, and so much more! Players are able to choose the kind of strategy they must use; thus, balancing their skills in different levels and controls. They create and cause an adrenaline rush, mental challenge, and entertainment. Students are becoming more fascinated and inspired by pursuing product development.

Anino provides recreation that triggers imagination and intellectual prowess. It wants CIIT students to learn and to become skilled at using their analytical strategies and minds in game development.

At CIIT Philippines, students are being taught by Anino professionals to create the best gaming experience possible, especially for online players. Teens are the most common target in creating such interactive involvement.

Why Teens are Digging into Online Recreations?

According to a research from the International Data Corporation in 2009, the Philippines has reached almost 6.3 million players and among them are teenagers.

For teens, this kind of recreation has received a lot of attention among parents, psychiatrists, psychologists, organizations, and media. Too much gaming has become an issue and a problem most parents are facing. Though this kind of addiction is not a mental disorder, yet it is alarming because of potential health risks. As such, guidance is always advised to parents or guardians.

Teenagers feel like they are becoming the head of the game because they can control everything. They also feel like they are powerful, strong, and tough in all sorts of interaction they are making. They feel a sense of excitement, thrill, and challenge. Overall, this has become their alternative way of combating stress and expressing their emotions and feelings.

Also, teens use gaming as a way to relax from hard days in school. They feel rewarded every time they have succeeded and accomplished something. Playing on weekends or after-school can give them several hours of play and non-stop activity.

Gaming is becoming a tool for procrastination. It isn’t just for teens or kids. Even adults are getting hooked on it. The average age of players among adults is 35. It isn’t just for individuals, but is also a great way to bring people together. CIIT students are able to bond with other individuals and interact with them by sharing their gaming experiences and ideas.