Creative Recreation The Ultimate Footwear Expression

Overview of Creative Recreation
Creative Recreation was formally launched in California in the fall of 2002. The birth of Creative Recreation was brought by the noted void of innovatory sneakers in the market. The arrival of Creative Recreation brings a sense of ingenious choice of sneakers to the young professionals. Stimulated by their passion and interest in the fashion industry, the founders of Creative Recreation Richard Confinco and Robert Nand are two of the sough-after designers in the footwear market today. Creative Recreation is more than a shoe brand. The sneaker company is considered as one of the top producers of world-class sneakers personifying life. Hence, Creative Recreation becomes the ultimate expression of footwear fashion.

Popular Brands of Creative Recreation
Creative Recreation Classic styles for men include Cesario, Cesario Lo, Cesario Lo XVI, Cesario XVI, Baretto, Corelli, Capri, Cicero, Dicoco Lo, Dio, Dio Mid, Geno, Kaplan, Kaplan Hi, Liggio, Luchese, Pinelli, Porello, Profaci, Satoro, Solano, Testa, Cesario I, Luzi, Marino, Turino, Turino Mid. Creative Recreation Classic styles for women include Cesario Lo XVI, Cesario XVI, Arabella, Camorra, Civella, Giovanna, Kaplan, Reina, Sirocco and Viana. Creative Recreation Classic styles for kids include that of toddlers, grade-schoolers and youth.

Creative Recreation Dicoco and Cesario
Brands One of the bests of Creative Recreation is the Dicoco sneakers. Dicoco sneakers are high tops that are made of sleek leather and fabric, with rubber sole and padded foot bed for extra comfort. Dicoco sneakers are known for double straps at top. Meanwhile, Dicoco lo has a very durable synthetic upper style lined with synthetic mesh for comfort. A classic look, Dicoco lo sneakers are foot bed padded giving users extra comfort and support. They are usually on hook-and-loop strap style. They are very cool shoes, giving a lot of attention to a broad spectrum of consumers especially in women. On the other hand, Cesario is a contemporary high-top with mesh and cushioned interior with lace-up construction depicting an offbeat style. Creative Recreation remains to be one of the highly rated sneaker brands in the fashion industry, with biggest stars wearing on it like Justin Timberlake and Chris Evans. Creative Recreation sneakers price is just right for giving consumers the best quality footwear. Creative Recreation sneakers have very simple, yet sophisticated style outbreaks. Money-wise, Creative Recreation gives you more than the price of sneakers. Price varies but usual rate runs between $75 to 100.