Rv Camping In Utahs National Parks

Did you know there are more than a dozen sites run by the National Parks Service just waiting for you to discover in Utah? If you love RV camping as well as the beauty of Americas National Parks, a trip to Utah should be on your To-Do List. Hope this brief list whets your appetite for an RV road trip to Utah soon.

Bryce Canyon National Park: The mystical redrock hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park are just the beginning of what your camera will want to capture. Craggy pines point to the sky from deep, brilliantly colored canyons that speak of an ancient ice and wind. Plan to stay in one of the parks tree-lined campsites and be sure to look up to the night sky to see the more than seven thousand stars visible in this astronomers paradise.

Zion National Park: Covering three counties, Zion National Park offers RV campers the chance to see spectacular sandstone cliffs rising up ten thousand feet above the desert floor. Plan to spend time hiking trails that climb from canyon floors up through snug passages between massive cliffs. If youre into even more strenuous sport, rock climbers love these cliffs for the challenge they offer. RV camping is allowed in three RV campgrounds at Zion, so set up your base camp within the Park and get ready for some seriously photographable scenery!

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Plan plenty of time to visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, because with more than one million acres, its not a place to rush through. Rent a boat and cruise the magnificent sandstone coves and canyons of Lake Powell, or keep your feet on dry land and hike to lush hanging gardens high above the desert floor. Another must see at Glen Canyon is Horseshoe Bend and the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. RV camping within the NRA is limited, but Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas operates several comfortable lakeside campgrounds right in the middle of the action.

Dinosaur National Monument: Located on the Colorado/Utah border, Dinosaur National Monument is the perfect spot for a family RV camping vacation. Although the Quarry and Museum were closed at the time this article was written, a half mile hike will lead you to wonderful fossils in rock faces within a rugged canyon. For RV campers who love whitewater rafting, the Green River boasts Level III and IV rapids, with calmer waters downstream for less experienced rafters. There are campgrounds on both sides of the state line, with a range of services available.

Arches National Park: Two thousand stone arches carved by wind and water lead visitors to Arches National Park near Moab, Utah into a geological wonderland. An awe-inspiring combination of arches, cliffs and stone spires dot the landscape at this Park. For physically active RV campers, the Fiery Furnace ranger-guided tour will take you up, over and in between hundreds of rock formations for an unforgettable experience. Less strenuous trails abound at Arches as well, so be sure to bring your hiking shoes. Campgrounds within the Park and those operated by the Bureau of Land Management in the Moab area easily accommodate the needs of motorhome campers.

Believe it or not, there are even more U.S. National Parks sites to be explored in Utah! Go to the National Parks Service website for more information about all there is to see in this stunning Western State.