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Picnic Or Travel Rug Which Do You Prefer?

As spring is now upon us and hopefully head towards a hot relaxing summer, nows the time to get that picnic basket out. Apart from the obvious items needed for a picnic, you will also require a picnic rug and a travel rug. Now, whats the difference between a travel rug and a picnic basket? Not much in it Im afraid.

The travel rug can be used to keep warm on long journeys or wrap the kids up when the sun goes down at the beach. It can also be kept in the boot of your car, just in case you need it, like if you got stuck in a snow drift for example. Some of you may never use it. The picnic rug, well, what can that be used for? Picnics!! Thats it is it? Nowadays, you can buy a travel rug that can also be used as a picnic rug. How amazing, I here you say, a travel rug that can be used as a picnic rug.

A number of our partners here at have a number of travel/picnic rugs on offer. Yes, they can be used as either, and all you have to do is buy one. The come in different fabrics, styles and most importantly, price!!

To start, we are going to look at Halfords, who are a brand name in motoring and travel accessories industry. Firstly, we have the Halfords Navy Fleece Picnic Rug. The Halfords Fleece picnic rug is the ideal companion for picnics, the park or in the garden. It’s small and light enough to carry around or leave in the car. There are features and benefits to the Halfords Navy Fleece Picnic Rug. These features include a carry strap for easy transportation. The dimensions are: 150cm x 130cm (LxW) and is machine washable for easy cleaning. This rug is all yours for 4.99. A great price for something that will come in more useful than you thought. We also have the Halfords Tartan Travel Rug. This looks the business. The Halfords Tartan Travel Rug is small and light which makes it easy to carry around for you, but is also compact enough you can store it in your car when it is not needed. Again, there are features and benefits of the Halfords Tartan Travel Rug. These include a carry strap included for easy carrying, folds away compactly for easy storage, machine washable and the dimensions are: 150cm x 130cm (LxW). This is on sale for 12.99. A fantastic price, for such a great conventional rug.

Our partner, Amazon has a great little rug for sale. This is the Travel Picnic Rug. This rug has a PVC waterproof backing, folds neatly for easy storage and is padded for comfort. The tartan design really sets this rug off against other designs. Not only a great rug for this summer, but its ideal for picnics, barbecues and the beach. As an added bonus, its equally useful as a seat cover for pet owners and is good for all other outdoor recreations and activities. The rug dimensions are: 3.3′ x 2.3′ (100cm x 70cm) approx. The prices for this multi use rug are from 1.93 with free UK delivery. A bargain that cannot be missed, OR, what about the Extra Large Travel Picnic Rug, priced from 3.71. This is the same design as the Travel Picnic Rug but has dimensions of 5 ft x 4.5 ft. Amazon also have this Large Picnic Rug for sale. Its got an acrylic top, soft foam middle and PVC waterproof backing and folds neatly with carry handle. The dimensions for this rug are: 120 x 150cm and the RRP is 24.99, however, this is on sale for a staggering offer of 7.40. This is a great buy, even if you dont really need a picnic/travel rug at this moment. This will definitely come in useful in the future.

What about this beauty. The Polar Gear Waterproof Backed Travel Fleece / Picnic Rug. Again from Amazon, this fabulous rug with Waterproof backing for picnics , the beach, camping and leisure activities, use on school sports day or at the local park, perfect for use on a hot sunny day! Fleece front with waterproof back so the rug can be used on the beach, next to the pool, on grass. Handy rug in attractive and bright and fresh multicoloured summer slide stripe design. Fleece front is 100% polyester and waterproof backing is 100% PVC and is completely washable, so you can use over and over and you will still have a clean picnic rug after wash. The back may also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This is priced from 4.99. To see more details on this very colourful one, just go to

So, whats our conclusion? Basically, you can still use a travel rug as a blanket and vice versa. You only have to see what offers weve illustrated above and the offers are endless. Just visit to see the other Travel Rugs/Picnics Rugs on our site.

Have a great summer and hopefully plenty of picnics.

The Team