The Creativity Of Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation Humble Beginnings The successful story of Creative Recreation began in 2005 when Robert Nand and Richard Confinco established a sneaker industry in the name of Creative Recreation in Orange County, California. With knowledge on fashion and designing, they created a sneaker that filled the gap between athletic shoes and dress shoes. Creative Recreation has developed 23 different shoe patterns and about 250 styles of sneakers every season. Creative Recreation is a collectors piece rather than a mass item. The Makers of Creative Recreation Founders of Creative Recreation, Robert and Richard have lived their passion on creating shoes. The team started from 6 members, the company expanded and many talents have begun accrediting the brand. Travels around the world play an important part in Creative Recreation. It became one of Robert and Richards inspirations in making the sneakers. Enjoyed many travels, Creative Recreation designs are likewise animated by different cultures around the world. They are moved by their favorite fashion brands and the inspiring cultures; then, combined these ideas all these are put into shoes. The shoes speak for themselves then. It was their love and dedication that kept them afloat in the fashion industry for years. The Creative Recreation Sneakers Speak for its Quality Consumers deal with Creative Recreation shoes due to the versatile and unique look of the sneakers. Along with the logo, the flash itself is the sneakers signature. The sneakers are known for their exclusivity and at the same time, the price is not hefty in the pockets. Competition with Other Brands Creative Recreation in popularity, they are taking over other successful brands in the list. A year after the inception of Creative Recreation, they collaborated with Barneys New York to do exclusive sneakers for their brand in New York City. The Creative Recreation Select Line A new collection of Creative Recreation is the Select line. It is a collection of boots, wedges and heels of Creative Recreation sneakers. Designed mostly for women, the Select line has six flat styles of shoes and two wedges in different patterns and color ways. Bellavia, Cellini, Lacava, Viana, Mara, Dirosa, Biase and Mesi are available in different looks and shapes. On the other hand, the Spring 2010 collection of Creative Recreation Select line features iconic sneakers for men. Going beyond sneakers, Select line collection for men offers versatile footwear for formal activities. Creative Recreation is not just a footwear company, but a lifestyle company that makes footwear.